Visions Come From Thoughts, Thoughts Become Actions and Actions Become Results!


We over-stand the true reality of struggles and obstacles .
We know the importance of listening and being heard.
We allow you to discover your own truth with our guidance.
We give encouragement and support while you reclaim and transform your life.
We are here for you even after the program is over.


Uncover gifts and talents that you were not aware of in unique ways.
Learn how your body, mind, soul and spirit work together for you life experience.
How creativity and writing helps clear your thoughts and create a more exciting life.
Learn the good and bad ways food can affect your mood, health, thoughts and actions.
Over-stand the power of forgiveness, the use of affirmations and the law of attraction.


Knowledge of the correct way to heal your mind, body, spirit and soul and how to maintain your healing.
You will become more aware of who you are, your life purpose and assignments.
Gain wisdom and discernment of setting healthy boundaries and how to maintain a positive energy flow.
Enhancement of your critical thinking process in order to make better sound life decisions and receive great results.
You will gain a healthier mindset, self love, appreciation, respect, confidence and courage that will develop the best version of you.


ADionne Williams:
This Founder, Writer, Author, weekly Podcaster, and Regeneration Speaker has a great experience with the effects of an unbalanced life and has discovered the way back to the core of self. ADionne believes; with the tools and resources, “Regenerating Me Inc,” programs and activities provide, we can all regenerate, renew, reclaim and transform into our true essence of being!

Over 38 years of consulting and entrepreneurship experience
Over 35 years working in youth communication, and image development
30 years of Life-Skills and Critical Thinking Expertise
20 years in finance, budgeting, and housing experience
48 years in the entertainment, media and performing arts business
7 years working in natural remedies, healing and self-awareness coaching
15 years working in the video and computer technology field


ADionne Williams, was raised in an urban area of Philadelphia, Pa. As a Youth she lived with her single-mother, cousins, and grandparents. By the age of 29, ADionne, had experienced the loss of one boyfriend to a neighborhood shooting, another to a wrongfully accursed jail sentence, her best friend to Aids, and became a single mother due to a chaotic failed marriage with her son’s father.

Once ADionne was faced with the fact of her single-mother status, she decided she would do whatever it takes to paint a different reality for her son. As a single-mother, she has had to work two to three jobs at the same time to make ends meet for her family.

In addition to raising her son, ADionne helped to raise a stepson, goddaughter, hosted an exchange student, and has been a foster parent for several children over the years. Although, ADionne and her son have faced many obstacles and a vast number of residential moves; her son “Zamir Deon Williams,” is now a computer science and Japanese college student and an author of two self-published books working on his third.

This Founder, Writer, Author, weekly Podcaster, and Regeneration Speaker, has a great experience with the effects of an unbalanced life and has discovered the way back to the core of self. ADionne, believes; with the tools and resources, “Regenerating Me Inc,” programs and activities provide, we can all regenerate, renew, reclaim and transform into the true essence of our being!

In June 2017 ADionne was told by a 96-year-old client of hers to start telling her life stories to encourage people across the globe. She then went on to challenge herself to record on Facebook Live for 30 days no matter what to whoever would listen. Adionne did this as a means to not only encourage others but to encourage herself to live life to the fullest!

As a result, Adionne starting receiving inspirational feedback from people who were motivated through her live videos. Within 2 months of going live on Facebook she then built her own blog and started a Podcast Talk Show called Chronicles of Livin’ Podcast Show. Which today is being broadcast on over 15 different major platforms and houses a mobile APP in the Google Play Store

In September 2017 while recording her weekly Podcast show, based on encouraging people to live out their dreams and visions, ADionne gave away everything in her home and moved to a Yoga and Meditation retreat. She felt in her spirit it was time to once and for all cleanse herself of any hidden un-forgiveness and pain that would stop her from pursuing her dreams and visions with excellence.

Today because of ADionne’s tenacity to follow her spirit and intuition she has finally discovered that her true purpose in life is to help as many people as she can, to heal and find their purpose as well!

Regenerating Me Inc is the result of ADionne’s life journey of struggles, obstacles, and pain. And how she and her son endured and persevered through the storms and found the light at the end of the tunnel.

Now through Regenerating Me Inc programs and activities willing participants can also have the same happy ending of connecting to their Higher-Self and discovering the reason for their existence.

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